Alexandra Lozier

Alexandra Lozier resides in Brooklyn, NY.

"My work combines organic found objects and fabricated metal elements to preserve and display the most ephemeral aspects of life. Captivated with biophilia, I collect and compose items from nature in an attempt to observe our universal mortality. I am not interested in re-creating the "likeness" of these specimens in my work. Instead, I am interested in sustaining the fleeting beauty found in nature. I am the artist as alchemist; transforming organic material directly into precious metal; breathing new life into organic specimens that would otherwise decay. As these specimens are taken out of context, I construct a home for them to live outside of their natural environment. They become objects of curiosity.

 Adorning the body with these unique yet familiar objects allows me to create an intimate dialogue between the wearer and those who find their curiosity piqued. By drawing people into this conversation, we acknowledge our interconnectedness with nature and each other."