Monique Rancourt

Monique Rancourt is a Contemporary Jeweler residing in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 2008 Monique received her BFA with a concentration in metalsmithing and Jewelry from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Monique practices traditional metalsmithing and Jewelry techniques, creating Jewelry that is inspired by historical references, specifically traditional body adornment of the Pacific Islands and Africa. Keeping these traditions in mind Monique pushes the limits of traditional techniques exploring form and pattern from nature. Monique’s studio and Gallery is currently at Lincoln Studios in Waltham Ma.

"I think of jewelry as sculpture for the body. I tap into my love of the traditional adornment of Africa and Eurasia and update the materials with contemporary industrial elements such as rubber, chain, and pigments that add impact without much weight. The feel, sound, and movement of these multipart necklaces, bracelets, and rings allow a flexibility that responds to how they are worn. I want to create dynamic, contemporary forms that feel uniquely powerful and inspiring to the individual wearer. Combining traditional metalsmithing techniques in precious metals with experimental materials, my completed pieces create an alchemy of pattern, texture, and fragments of memory and call to mind the transformation of nature over time. Intricate groups of repeated elements that shift in size create an overall organic composition, while detailed textures reward closer inspection. These repeated forms build up to a larger scale and a more dramatic impact to establish an urban, contemporary edge."